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Revelation Illustrated


What an outstanding job you did!
Ila Kohl, Fremont, CA

We just received your book. WOW! It really did turn out great! I'm struck by the scope of the project, but also by what a neat chronicle it is of your life. The personal tidbits revealed in each description mentions people and events that have touched you, your family, and the world these past 20 years or so. How neat. WELL DONE, YOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!
Carol Voellger, O'Fallon, ILL

We received our book this weekend. It is a real blessing. Judi is taking it to the university to share with some folks there. Thanks for sending it so quickly.
Mary Clare Holt, Waxahachie, TX

Revelation Illustrated is more valuable to me than I imagined. After reading the story about "white stone/new name," God healed me of something that I had sealed up in my past. What a blessing to get the weight out of my life. I believe this healing alone has more than covered the cost of the book. When I first showed the book to a friend he said he'd like to borrow it when I was done. I said "No, I can't loan this book, it's to be treasured. You will have to get your own copy." Thank you Jan for your many years of dedication and hard work to put this book in print.Sincerely In Christ Love,
Valetta Wann, Paducah, Kentucky

Well I'm on page l2l - almost finished - and I am so awed and filled with wonder. I can't put it down; as soon as I finish I'll start reading it again. It is very precious to me. Your book indicates your spirituality, your genuineness, your love, your humor, your experiences and background as well as your present; it also indicates the great love you have for your family and friends. You should be very proud of this book; I am. I am spreading the word. Much love and blessings to you,
Anita Collins, Memphis, TENN

When I first opened Revelation Illustrated and began to read, I felt I should take off my shoes because I was on holy ground.
Bev Gamble, Fremont, Ca.

I just wanted to drop a note and thank you. I am reading your book and am going quite slow. I am trying to absorb each page. There is just so much - the beautiful paintings, the scriptures to meditate and your writings are all - well, awesome! It is a treasure that will be ongoing and inspiring for years to come and I will be sharing it with friends and loved ones.
Mary Dore, Arnold, CA

Thank you for sharing your life's work with me! It is absolutely gorgeous and I will treasure it and share it with all my visitors.
Shannon Brentin, Camarillo, CA

I love the book. The Lord has given you such a wonderful talent and you
put it to such good use.In our catechism we learn (TPSO) Trust, Pray, Serve and Obey.
You are certainly good at that.
Lloydene Mielbrecht, West End, NC